First Aid Cabinets in the Workplace



Employers are not exposed to liability if they follow these guidelines:


- Make available only individually packaged tablets. Packages must be clearly marked with all FDA and manufacturer required indications and warnings. Tablet packaging should conform to the specifications in the Appendix to the ANSI Standard Z308.1-1998.
- Employers should make tablets available at no cost to the employee and receive no benefits from supplying the products.
- Employers are not liable in the event products are tampered with, unless the employer knew about the tampering and did nothing to protect employees.
- Employers are not liable when the employee makes an informed selection of tablets on their own, and when employer makes available only products supplied by a responsible vendor offering properly packaged and labeled products.


 **Employers who allow sharing of open bottles of over-the-counter medication or provide nonprescription drugs, which are not individually packaged and properly labeled may be liable if an employee suffers an adverse reaction.**


Benefits of our Pain & Illness Relievers
- Reduce absenteeism and lost production hours.
- Prevent accidents caused by aches, pains and minor illnesses.
- Protect against contamination of products & spread of diseases like Hepatitis B.

- Eliminate injuries caused by remedies that make workers drowsy.
- Clearly demonstrate a commitment to employee wellness.
- Boost staff morale, alertness and positive attitude.

- Sustain optimum employee productivity.
- Avoid costly OSHA fines and citations by providing physician approved products.


For the employer, an appropriately stocked first aid cabinet can satisfy the requirements of OSHA regarding first aid and provide means to treat minor injuries at the workplace, potentially reducing expensive visits to the local clinic and lost time from the job.


 Additionally, the presence of unit dose over-the-counter medications formulated especially for the work environment ensure workers are taking medications that will not make them drowsy and unsafe to operate dangerous machinery thus reducing your exposure to costly on-the-job injuries.


For the employee, the proper use of the supplies in the cabinet can provide comfort when they experience minor illness such as colds and headaches.

This can improve productivity simply because they feel better and are less likely to take time off for illness. Immediate treatment of minor injuries reduces the chance of infection and discomfort and prevents the employee from requesting unnecessary visits to the local clinic.


The advantages of a well-stocked first aid cabinet in the workplace far outweigh the cost of purchasing and maintaining it. 

Providing pain relievers, decongestants and other medications in workplace, first aid cabinets are a safe and economical way to keep employees alert, comfortable, and productive during times or minor illness and injury.



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