First Aid & Safety

A complete selection of tapes an

Tapes and Wraps

A complete selection of tapes and wraps protects your employees. Cohere Wrap, a self - adhesive bandage that needs no cutting or clips, finger protection tape, and medical tapes to keep dressing in place.

Adhesive Tape, Hypo-Allergenic  Tri-Cut         Heavy Weight Elastic Tape, 1" x 5yds.

Cohere Wrap provides self-adherent, light compression for sprains and strains. Cohere Wrap tears where you want, so you don't need clips or scissors.
                            Cohere Wrap Tearable Bandage, 2" x 5 yds.                       Cohere Wrap Tearable Bandage, 3" x 5 yds               Cohere Wrap  Tearable Bandage, 4" x 5 yds
Waterproof and elastic tapes offer strong support to hold bandages in place.

Compare to Ace Bandages.

      Elastic Bandage, 2" x 5 yds.                                       Elastic Bandage, 3" x 5 yds.                                        Elastic Bandage, 4" x 5 yds.                                          Elastic Bandage, 6" x 5 yds.