Occasionally, a new customer worries about potential liability when they consider including tablets in their first aid cabinets. Perhaps you do, too.
The short response to that concern: There is no liability when using our products and services!
In fact, only employers who allow sharing of open bottles of over-the-counter medication or provide non-prescription drugs which are not individually packaged and properly labeled may be liable if an employee suffers an adverse reaction.
Here's what to consider:
 Employers should make available only individually packaged tablets. Packages must be clearly marked with all the FDA and manufacturer required indications and warnings. Tablet packaging should conform to the specifications in the Appendix to ANSI Standard Z308.1-2003.
 Employers should make tablets available at no cost to the employee and receive no economic benefit from supplying the products.
 Employers are not liable in the event products are tampered with, unless the employer knew about the tampering and did nothing to protect employees.
 Employers are not liable if an employee suffers a rare, unforeseen reaction to a non-prescription drug.
 Employers are not liable when the employee makes an informed selection of tablets on their own, and when the employer makes available only products supplied by a responsible vendor offering properly packaged and labeled products.
 Oral analgesics in single dose, tamper evident packets are now recommended by ANSI as products that should be included in workplace first aid kits.