All cabinets are designed to be

First Aid Kits and Cabinets

All cabinets are designed to be wall mounted in highly visible, accessible locations and include a door liner with storage pockets.


5 Shelf Econo Fill  5 Shelf Dlx Fill
4 Shelf Econo Fill     4 Shelf Dlx Fill
Food Service Fill
5 Shelf First Aid Station
It maximizes your potential for employee protection
4 Shelf First Aid Cabinet
An excellent cabinet for industrial and medium sized  businesses.
Food Service First Aid Cabinet
A first aid cabinet for food service/restaurant

             3 Shelf Econo Fill    3 Shelf DLX Fill


2 Shelf Fill

Truck Kit Fill
3 Shelf First Aid Cabinet
Comprehensive First Aid
for small Businesses
2 Shelf First Aid Cabinet
Designed for the office environment
Vehicle/Truck Kit
First aid for minor cuts and personal discomfort.

Foreman's Kit Fill

Lg Trauma Kit Fill                                                               Sm Trauma Kit Fill


Fanny Pack Fill

Foreman's Kit
Excellent for Fleet
First Responder /Trauma Kit
This soft bag is full of essential emergency
and first aid products.

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