Our emergency eye care products

Eye Care

Our emergency eye care products and devices meet all applicable ANSI standards. They're readily identifiable, highly portable and easy to use.
Eye and Skin Flushing Solution provide instant treatment in sizes ranging from 20ml to 16 oz.


             First Aid & Safety 

 Buffered isotonic solution used to irrigate and flush away material from the eye


Eye and Skin Flushing, 16 oz.

Eye Wash , 4 oz.


Industrial Eye Drops (For Welder's Flash) 1/2oz.

Refresh Plus Individual Eyedrops 5/Pk







 Eyewash 20ml 4/Pack

Disposable Eyecups 6/Vial




Avoid violating OSHA regulations and citations at your workplace, where hazardous materials are present, by installing a Portable Eyewash Station.  A smart and quick solution that is necessary when handling chemicals, electrical batteries, propane and other hazardous liquids.  Having the right safety equipment can prevent long term injury, loss of time and inspection fees.  Smaller and compact eyewash stations available.


Eye and Skin Flushing Station                       15 Minute Eyewash Stations                                 Eyewash Water Preservative