Blood Borne Pathogen Protection

                       Blood Borne Pathogen Protection






              First Aid & Safety

"Employers shall protect their employees from the hazards of Bloodborne Pathogens and comply with this standard

through the use of universal precautions, engineering controls, work practice controls, personal protective equipment

(gloves, gowns, face shields CPR mask etc.), and handling of regulated waste."


BloodBorne Pathogen kit


Provides products needed for clean-up of biohazardous waste and blood.

Various Sizes


1 Quart Sharps Container                             1 Gallon Sharps Container                            1 Quart Sharps Mailer

                                                                                        Ideal for the convenient disposal                                     Clear top with lock-tight lid.                                              The 1-quart sharps collection container 

                                                                                        of instruments and high volumes of                                   For disposal of various sharps.                                         is designed for point-of-use collection. 

 ,                                                                                      waste.The clear lid keeps contents and                            Puncture resistant, leakproof                                             Attached lid prevents loss and forms

                                                         fill levelvisible for increased safety.                                    high-impact plastic.                                                           a leak-proof seal when securely attached.





                                                             Rack Sack Waste Disposal System                         3 Gallon Mailaway                                         5 Gallon Mailaway

                                                                      This unit provides a convenient and economical method       Includes everything needed to collect sharps such           The system facilitates a safe, efficient, and cost-effective

                                                                      of handling infectious waste at the worksite. The proper      as syringes or other medical waste for transport               alternative to traditional and costly pickup services. Use the

                                                                      disposal of biohazard waste is required by law.                through the mail for proper treatment and repurposing.       container to collect hazardous waste materials that you

                                                                                                                                                            This USPS-approved system includes a 3-gallon red        generate in your facility. Prepaid return freight is included for

                                                                                                                                                            OSHA-compliant sharps collection container, shipping      up to 35 lbs.

                                                                                                                                                             box, packaging, tracking manifest, instructions, and

                                                                                                                                                             pre-paid return postage


Bio Hazard Bags

Used in controlling the spread of disease from human waste, discarded medical supplies and biological contaminants.

8 Gallon 10 Ct

 16 Gallon 50 Ct

33 Gallon 50 Ct